Washington State Social Enterprises

Burn Design Lab

Non-profit, is a cutting edge improved cook stove research institution

Catalyst Kitchen

Bring the success of FareStart to communities across the country. Catalyst Kitchens is a collaborative network of organizations with a shared vision to empower lives through job training, self-generate revenue through social enterprise, and nourish bodies and minds through quality food service.


Our mission is to empower adults with disabilities to engage in their community through advocacy, employment, and education.  Their social enterprises focus on production and assembly work, ground and janitorial, catering and food services. Centerforce is the largest provider of employment services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Pierce County.

Community Sourced Capital

We connect businesses to capital in two ways: either with our online platform for raising money from your community, or if a community loan isn’t right for you, we connect you to mission-aligned financial institutions who have the success of your business and the community you serve as their number one priority.

Chinook Enterprises

Chinook Enterprises is a social enterprise – we are a non-profit designed to operate as a business, but with a social mission: Supporting full participation in community life for people with disabilities or other barriers. Full participation must start with successful employment.

Close to Home

Cost efficient and innovative post-disaster housing solutions are being sustainably designed and built but few are being purchased due to the fact that these products have no central clearinghouse exposing them to the appropriate buyers. These products include flat-packed, portable designs that can be delivered quickly and assembled in a matter of hours. In order to remedy the high costs and shortages of post-disaster housing, Tiny Living, Big Solutions

Committee for Children

Committee for Children is a global powerhouse that has been working for over three decades to help create a world in which the whole-child is not only nurtured, but celebrated.


Recycling cotton garment waste to create renewable fiber.


Our work is based on three beliefs. That food is central to our emotional, physical, and economic well-being. That people have incredible capacity to transform their lives when they have the right tools and support. And solutions that provide real value to a community have the best hope of lasting.


HopeWorks Social Enterprises is an affiliate of Housing Hope, and was launched in January 2011 with the goal of helping families gain skills and training for “in demand” jobs to enable them to start towards a living wage career. HopeWorks creates and operates social enterprise businesses designed to provide jobs and internships for families experiencing and at risk of homelessness residing in low-income housing.

Eighth Generation at Pike Place Market

Native-owned and operated company based founded in 2008 with store opening late 2016. A proud participant in the global economy with the mission of creating opportunities for community-based cultural artists who struggle to meet demands for handmade cultural art.

Give Safe

Distributes electronic “beacons”, about the size of a quarter, to individuals in need through nonprofit shelters (starting with the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle). If you have the GiveSafe app and pass by or meet a beacon holder, you’ll receive a simple notification with the opportunity to give or learn of the person’s journey.

Kona Kai Coffee (kent)

Kona Kai Coffee is a job training program that uses coffee and food as tools to reduce hunger and homelessness by providing life skills and job training to unemployed adults and youth for careers in the hospitality, and food service industry

Lower Columbia CAP dba Grounds for Opportunity

Grounds for Opportunity Cafe
Grounds for Opportunity (GFO) Cafe is a full service cafe and a training kitchen, offering a 16-week certificated course, preparing students for jobs in the restaurant industry, and serves as CAP’s central kitchen for its Meals on Wheels and Senior Community Lunch programs. We also cater events.

Lighthouse for the Blind

A private, nonprofit social enterprise providing employment, support, and training opportunities for people who are blind, DeafBlind, and blind with other disabilities.

Experiment (Formerly Microyza (crowdfunding for science research)

Experiment is a mission-driven for-profit company. Though really, we’re a happy melting pot of science, social entrepreneurship and tech start up.

Millionair Club

The Millionair Club Charity helps rebuild lives by providing jobs and other essential support services to individuals who are experiencing homelessness or unemployment

Northwest Center

Northwest Center businesses employ and train people with disabilities in Washington State, creating inclusive work environments where everyone is given the chance to reach their potential. We provide an array of outsourcing solutions that meet the manufacturing and service needs of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in Washington State and throughout the US. When you partner with our businesses, you receive world-class quality service and contribute to our vision of a world that fully includes people with disabilities in the workforce.

Northwest Tap Connection

A Race & Social Justice Oriented Studio Connecting Dance Across Communities
The mission is to train, inspire, and nurture young dancers towards artistic excellence, to perform works by emerging and master choreographers, and to bring the art of dance to multi-cultural and generational audiences through dance instruction, innovative community partnerships, and participation in local festivals, cultural events, and arts in education programs both locally and nationally.

Neurology Vocational Services Unit (NVSU)

Neurology Vocational Services Unit mission is to provide a full range of employment services for individuals living with neurological conditions, assisting them to lead satisfying and productive lives. In addition, through research, teaching and distribution of information, the unit acts as a national resource in the field of neurological vocational rehabilitation.

Orion Industries

Orion Industries is a social enterprise with a mission of helping those with barriers to employment. Orion uses operations in its Aerospace manufacturing division and Contact Center Services division as platforms to teach people job skills through mentoring and internship programs. Orion’s Training & Employment division supports individuals in achieving their goals through job placement and job retention services.

Pioneer Human Services

Pioneer serves people released from prison or jail in Washington State, and those in recovery from addiction, who are in need of treatment, housing and job skills training. Our mission as a social enterprise is to provide individuals with criminal histories the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.

POP! Gourmet Foods

Gourmet snack foods. committed to creating opportunities for people who face overwhelming barriers to employment because they have served time in prison.
Articles about their mission: http://bit.ly/29Md753 and http://bit.ly/2hsgsuE


PotaVida Creates hardware and software solutions that bring data-driven decision making to aid and disaster relief. http://bit.ly/2ekDxgX

Project Feast

A multi-service agency dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to live life according to their own choices Transforming lives by providing pathways to sustainable employment in the food industry. Enriching communities through exploring ethnic culture, and cuisine.


Life opportunities for people with disabilities.
Employment Services program provides community-based vocational assessments, individualized job placement, job coaching, and supportive employment for adults with disabilities. We partner with the business community to recruit, hire, and train employees with disabilities.

Sherpa Adventure Apparel

Outdoor apparel company that has its own factory in Nepal where 80% of product is made and also has sweaters hand knit in Nepal. $1 of each item sold is given to the Sherpa fund. Fund is used to aid sherpas, fund education and youth programs.


The mission of Seadrunar is to provide a treatment and work environment in which drug addicts can rebuild their lives, free from drugs and alcohol. Through the development of self-discipline, establishing good work ethic and finding their own choices over addiction, addicts can focus on their family, apply life skills for community life and create their own self-value.

Snohomish soaps

Our mission at Snohomish Soap is above all to create an “authentically local” handmade soap that surpasses all of the others in terms of fragrance, beauty and quality. We also work with women who (for whatever reason) are unable to find employment outside their homes.

Through our model of distributed micro-manufacturing in kitchens across the country, we’re throwing old norms on their ear. It helps us, it helps them. By developing this model, we’re also able to produce “authentically local” deliciousness for natural product lovers across the globe: here, Ukraine, Chicago or Philly.

Viva Farms

The Viva Farms business incubator helps new farmers learn how to farm and experienced farm workers establish their own business while minimizing prohibitive start-up costs.

Lower Columbia CAP dba Grounds for Opportunity

Grounds for Opportunity Cafe
Grounds for Opportunity (GFO) Cafe is a full service cafe and a training kitchen, offering a 16-week certificated course, preparing students for jobs in the restaurant industry, and serves as CAP’s central kitchen for its Meals on Wheels and Senior Community Lunch programs. We also cater events.

Social Purpose Corporations (as of mid-2013)

  1. Amplified Impact, SPC
  2. Anacortes Center For Happiness, SPC
  3. Being Collective SPC
  4. Bossology SPC
  5. Bubble Busters, SPC
  6. Burton Cultural And Educational Exchange Foundation, SPC
  7. Catalyst 2030: A Social Purpose Corporation
  8. Change Catalyst – A Social Purpose Corporation
  9. Charitylist, SPC
  10. Collaborative Impact SPC
  11. Community Sourced Capital, SPC
  12. Edencrest Enterprises, SPC
  13. Essay Mentors, Social Purpose Corporation
  14. Food and Beverage Standards Certification Association, SPC
  15. Flatcle, SPC
  16. Get Your Shit Together, SPC
  17. Global Health – Creative Family Solutions SPC
  18. Healthcare Ce.org, SPC
  19. Ibeatanxiety SPC
  20. Innovative Business Works SPC
  21. The Institute for Better Governance, SPC
  22. Investor Voice, SPC
  23. Joshu Labs, SPC
  24. Larry Heggerness Social Purpose Professional Corporation
  25. Make A Stand Inc. SPC
  26. Mokm SPC
  27. Moore Sports SPC
  28. Movingworlds I SPC
  29. National Health Awareness Organization, SPC
  30. Newground Social Investment, SPC
  31. Oneworld Roller Derby SPC